Flash Dinner! Shrimp Burritos in under 15 minutes


Today my commute home from work was a little extra long, and my stomach was a little extra empty. I knew, for my sanity, that I had to get dinner on the table quickly!

This is how I wrapped mine up - open on one end.

This is how I wrapped mine up – open on one end.

This is how my man dressed his up - closed on both ends.

This is how my man dressed his up – closed on both ends.

I haven’t been grocery shopping in quite a while, so my options on cooking are sincerely limited. During my torturous commute, I took a mental inventory of what I had at home and came up with a list for Shrimp Burritos.  They turned out great! And they were so fast that my fiance wasn’t ready to eat when I had them done!

We both ended up stuffed full and happy. I put everything on the inside of mine, and since the fiance wasn’t ready for food when I was, he had to reheat his and come up with a new strategy. He filled his tortilla up, rolled it up, and microwaved it. Then he topped it with salsa, sour cream and cheese and ate it “smothered” style. I almost wish I had done it that way! Except there is something very satisfying about eating with your hands…so I suppose I don’t regret my method too horribly!

Shrimp Burritos in under 15 minutes


  • Vegetarian canned refried beans
  • Burrito sized flour tortillas
  • Frozen peppers and onions (I keep these in the freezer at all times! a real meal-saver!)
  • Frozen, peeled, deveined and de-tailed shrimp
  • Shredded carrots (I keep these around all the time too! great for salads and stir-fry!)
  • Sliced white or baby bella mushrooms
  • Salsa
  • Light sour cream
  • Shredded mexican blend cheese
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Lime juice
  • Taco seasoning
  • olive oil


  1. Warm the refried beans up in a pot on the stove
  2. At the same time, throw the onion/pepper blend and mushrooms into a pan that has been lightly olive-oiled.
  3. Once they start thawing a bit, add the shrimp
  4. When the shrimp start to get a little bit of color, but before they’re totally pink and cooked, add a couple squirts of lime juice, a shake of cayenne (more if you like it spicier!) and a shake of taco seasoning. Then add a generous handful of shredded carrots.
  5. Don’t forget to stir your beans so they don’t burn on the bottom!
  6. After the shrimp are pink all the way through, layer everything up on a tortilla! My preferred order is – sour cream, then beans, then cheese, then shrimp/veggies, then salsa.
  7. Wrap it up the way you like best, but make sure at least one end is closed up so you don’t get too sloppy!
  8. Enjoy.


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